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“Lushly and intricately produced, beautifully meditative and highly vulnerable…Eaton reveals himself to be an incredible storyteller.” – THE JW VIBE

“The real beauty of “Weathering” stems from how Eaton’s translation of his personal story becomes a universal key to our emotions. Each piece is likely to open some specific door (or several) within its listeners, related to their own travails and triumphs, making us feel this music very viscerally and individually. “Weathering” is easily one of the best and most beautiful albums I’ve heard this year.” – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue

“We’re used to confessional singer-songwriters sharing their deepest problems in words. Tom Eaton does it much more subtly and effectively with instrumental music. “weathering” is his emotionally resonant expression of the struggles, realizations, and hard-won satisfactions of mid-life.” –Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space

“Tom Eaton’s new album, “weathering,” is nothing less than a masterpiece. When you keep hitting replay 9 or 10 times you know you’re in the presence of something very rare. Though Tom has won numerous awards over the years, I have to believe that “weathering” will give Tom the audience he deserves.” – Will Ackerman, Grammy Award winning founder of Windham Hill Records

“…a veritable Master Class in the art of mood-building and sound design. Eaton demonstrates the sensitivity of a landscape painter in his arrangement of tonal colour…” – textura

“…a powerful collection of beautifully arranged pieces…” – expose

“…the ghostly atmospheric effect here is riveting…compelling, lush piano-driven arrangements alongside glistening instrumentation…” – Obscure Sound

“Tom Eaton’s “Weathering” is a masterpiece you will definitely want to preserve for the rest of your life. A kind of musical Bible, it is worth listening to it more than a thousand times…” – New Music Alert

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